In this large world, Club Penguin is one of the best online game which is basically for teenagers. The best part of the amazing game is to keep the people connected with each other and having a strong relationship. The safety of the child is one of the major focus in this online game. Now below, I am going to share the codes that you can apply in the game and the information that the players must aware about it.

Working Club Penguin Cheats & Codes

Keep one thing in your mind, that no one can hack the club penguin rewritten cheats game and you can easily win this game by just applying the codes of 2019. So here below you will get some club penguin codes & coins which you can use in the game for the winning purpose. There is no need to take the membership or to be a member of the club penguin game just to use the codes.

You will also get to know Which Cheat Code To Use For Unlocking Some Of The Specific Items such as roblox nightcore and other game related items. The most important thing that you have to keep in the mind is you can use these codes only once per account only. So without wasting the single second, just have a look at the exciting cheat codes of Club Penguin.

  • D23EXP11: Purple Cross-hatched Hoodie
  • FREEHOOD: UK Hoodie
  • PUMPKIN1: Pumpkin Hat
  • MMCODE12: Guitar Shirt
  • HPHONES1: Puffle Headphones
  • UFOANZUG: Alien Costume
  • UFOMASKE: Alien Mask
  • EPFAGENT: EPF Head Visor
  • DJUBILEE: King’s Crown
  • DSKYRIDE: Blue Track Suit
  • SOMBRERO: Pirate’s Hat
  • FANTASMA: Ghost Costume
  • PRESENTE: Bunch of Balloons
  • ELPIRATA: Pirate Eye Patch
  • UNPIRATA: Pirate Coat
  • SURPRISE: Tree Topper Hat
  • STAYSAFE: Laptop
  • HAPPYCNY: Purple Dragon Costume
  • FILMSTAR: Popcorn Hand Item
  • MASQUE01: Super Hero Mask + 500 coins
  • DISNEYMU: MU Percy Costume
  • BARONFEL: Tie Fighter Pilot Costume
  • ORGULHO5: Brazil Party Hat
  • HOLIDAY1: Ornament Hat
  • BEARCUBS: Bear Costume

CP Rewritten and Guide & Important Information

How you can collect the Rockhopper’s key and get entry to the Quarter of Captain

  • Firstly you have to move to the Book Room just t get the key of the Rockhopper’s
  • Then you have to open the Journal Of Captain Rockhopper‘ book by just simply clicking on the bookshelf
  • After that, you have to go to the last chapter by just selecting it
  • In the last, you will find the key by capsizing all the pages of the chapter.

How you can get the Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet item

  • You just need to go to the book room just to get the bracelet of the Rockhopper’s friendship.
  • After that, you have to open the Rockhopper And The Stowaway book by clicking on the bookshelf.
  • Then you have to go through the whole book just to get the friendship bracelet
  • In the last, you have to click on the Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet and you will get the friendship bracelet item easily.

How can you find the Hidden Headphones Pin

You have to visit the dance club just to gripple the headphone which is in the purple pin. There is no need to do more thing just to get the purple headphone pin. You just simply need to go inside the dance club and then you will easily find the headphones near the club door. In this way, you can easily find the headphone pin which is hidden.


Well, this way all about this online club penguin game and I hope you understand the important guidelines as well as some cheats that you need to follow in your game. Above I have shared some codes of 2019 that you can use for the winning purpose. But Still, you are facing any kind of the problem then let us know by commenting below.