Now days, we all have lots of electronics devices at our home. Many of these devices are for home entertainment purpose such as TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Home theater, Set-top boxVCR, etc. While having all these devices make us happy and take entertainment to a new level at the comfort of your home. Their individual remote gather clutter on your table. Sometimes we mess with finding the right remote to operate the device and that leads to barrier in our entertainment. To clear the clutter from table and get hassle free entertainment you can setup general electric universal remote. Using the general electric universal remote, you can program and operate multiple electronics devices using a single remote control.

General Electric Universal Remote Control Codes List

General Electric Remote control programming for any device will take only a few minutes if you have valid universal remote control codes. These universal remote codes are 4 digit or 5 digit codes that work to recognise the command by device and operate all the functions as required. The General electric universal remote control codes work according to the remote codes list version. Before searching for how to program a general electric universal remote you must need to check your remote for which kind of remote code it accepts. Based on the remote compatibility for codes list version, you may need to find a valid General electric remote codes from the remote codes list available below. If after programming the remote, it doesn’t work as expected to control the device. Then try any alternative code to program the remote.

How to program General Electric Universal Remote Control

A GE remote programming using general electric codes are very easy if you have correct instructions to program your remote control. There are various methods to program a ge universal remote that you can select as per your choice. Below here we have also updated detailed instructions to program a General electric remote control with codes here.

  • Manually turn on the device you wish to program the remote.
  • Tap and hold on the Setup key until the led indicator light turns on.
  • Click on the device key you are programming the remote such as DVD, Set-top box or anything else.
  • Then enter the device code from the universal remote codes list available here. Start from the very first remote code available for your brand.
  • The indicator light will turns off once you have entered the code perfectly.
  • Tap on the power key by pointing the device. If the GE remote control code works then device will switches off, if not then try repeating the programming process using another code.

Universal Remote Control General Electric Manual

Each universal remote from general electric comes with a user manual that helps a user to go through the detailed knowledge and information about the remote they have purchased. The user manual contains information about the batteries, remote model, universal remote codes, programming methods, troubleshooting & fixes, and many more details that are useful. While programming a general electric remote control, you can check for the relevant codes also from the user manual. The programming methods available in the user manual are also with step by step instructions along with the important notes that comes handy when you stuck somewhere or didn’t find the alternatives for your problem.



That’s all about programming a universal remote control from General electric. Hope you like our article and find the best universal remote codes for your remote control. Don’t forget to share us your feedback and suggestions so we can provide you more updated content here.