In this tutorial you will learn the best, efficient and easiest way to resolve the pairing error which happens with in Kodi. A lot of Kodi users run through this error when trying to open and watch any stream from few Kodi Video add-ons. Follow the given instructions below and you will be able to fix this issue and never encounter it ever again allowing you to use Kodi without any worries or hassles.

This pair is known to commonly occur whenever the stream you open and try to watch requires viewer kodi pair authentication and will ask you to authorize yourself to be able to view the content from the stream you opened. There are many methods to go about it, but today we will show you the most commonly used method that works for almost everyone.

Guide on how to disable error on Kodi latest version

This message must have appeared thousands of times if you use Kodi frequently to watch video content like movies and tv shows using streams. The following instructional guide below will help you resolve it and make sure it never appears again when you try to watch or stream video content like movies or tv shows.

Step 1 : Launch your Kodi.

Step 2 : Find the video add ons tab and select it from the homescreen.

Step 3 : We need to now get the error pop up of stream authorization by playing any movie or tv show from the host.

Step 4: After selecting a movie or tv show to play, find the vshare host, then select it.

Step 5 : You will see that you have an error pop up with the following message inside “To play This Video Stream Authorization Is Required.” We can fix this easily by using the vshare eu pair method.

Step 6 : Open your web browser and enter the url

Step 7 : Now go to the pair home page, to begin with the pairing process.

Step 8 : Click the checkbox and complete the given captcha to prove to the website that you are not a robot. After finishing the robot verification, click the Pair now option.

Step 9 : Open your Kodi and you will see there is a different pop up with a message showing that the pop up was successful.

Step 10 : Now watch any video without any issues at

Super Tip

And that’s all you need to do to disable error on Kodi latest version, now all streams that require authorization will no longer ask you for authorization. The only issue is that it will be valid only for the next 4 hours. But you can repeat this process after 4 hours again.