Edit your DLS team’s kits and import your choice from our exciting lines of different club and country DLS kits! Our website provides the most reliable and authentic URLs of DLS kits for your squad.

Bring your Dream Football Club to the elite division, earn coins and gather trophies for each match. The Dream League Soccer is a mobile football gaming platform that has taken the world of online gaming enthusiasts by storm. The classic and new version of this app earned over a combined millions of downloads globally. The gaming experience has never been amazing than owning your team and winning numerous real-like tournaments to earn titles of victory.

There are crucial tactics which need to be learned by a gamer. The quest for glory will never be easy from the start but the performance of the squad matters a lot. As gamer, Dream League Soccer provides a chance to manage your own team. And this includes customization where you can choose numerous options such as changing kits for your squad. To edit your kit offers choices such as importing new DLS kits.

This article will provide you with the easy tips on how to edit your team’s kit while we provide a complete collection of the best kits in the field of football.

Easy Ways to Edit Dream League Soccer Kits

Customisation in playing Dream League Soccer allows the player to edit the kit juventus dream league soccer and other teams also and make them dress with the outfit of their popular football club. From changing their player’s jerseys, shorts, boots socks choosing from home, away, third and goalkeeper, we have the complete selections of these kits.

There are two options on how to edit your team’s kits:

  1. Dream League Soccer by default offer kits in limited edition

The DLS game itself by default offers interesting templates. To change your kit using this option, here’s how:

  • Within the game, tap My Club
  • Click Customize Team
  • From this screen, you can edit your team’s shirt, shorts and socks from the available templates.
  1. Import kits from external files

If you think there are limited editions using the default customization of DLS, you can import kits by following the instructions below:

  • Using a browser, visit our website by typing (name of website)
  • Search for your favourite DLS kit and copy the URL
  • Open the game
  • Tap “my Club” on the main menu
  • Tap Customize Team
  • Click Edit Kit
  • Click Download
  • Paste the copied URL inside the box
  • Click Confirm

You can download any or all your favourite kits from this site using the above-mentioned steps. Every time you import a new kit, always start from step 1.

There’s More Fun in Importing DLS Kits

Grooming your team players with DLS kits of your favorite real-life football stars will make the game a complete fun. You can compete with other teams showcasing what you’ve got in playing football. The best part is that you can make them perform to their highest energy level with your most wanted kits.

For more DLS kits of your favorite club or country soccer teams, download them today! We provide endless selections for you.